Thank you for supporting our small business with a big dream xx

Hello Fern

Tahnee, the face behind this business. 

Originally a primary school teacher, Tahnee then spent 6 years as a professional photographer, both roles meant she had the honour of being included in many special milestones in people’s lives.  Tahnee loved the creativity of photography, but chasing that beautiful afternoon light had her leaving her sons with baby-sitters, she also found photography hard on my body during the 5 years as she was going through fertility treatment.
Hello Fern is a way for Tahnee to get the best of both worlds.  She can work from home, around the boy’s routines whilst designing beautiful items, and she still get's that buzz of being part of your special moments as your babies (and bellies!) grow.
Every item is designed, cut, etched, hand sanded and packaged on their family property.